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Ofsted Report 2019

Latest Ofsted Report 2019

This above link will take you to the Ofsted website where you will be able to view the report in full. Please read our comments below:

“Firstly, let me say that it is truly unfortunate that Ofsted found the education that Redstone Academy has to offer to be inadequate. Since the Ofsted visit, we have gathered together a team to turn the school around so that it can reach its full potential and successfully serve its pupils and meet the expectations of the parents. We have already started work on an action plan to make huge improvements in the education we have provide.

Redstone Academy has applied for registration as two schools: Redstone Academy for Boys and Redstone Academy for Girls through the process of de-amalgamation which is reflected on our website. Application for the separate schools was made in September 2018. We were still waiting for formal approval of deamalgamation as we had met the necessary standards from Department for Education when Ofsted arrived for its inspection on 14th November 2019.

So, since we had not yet received formal approval, Ofsted considered the Boys’ School and the Girls’ School as one entity. For that reason, they stated that “the school unlawfully segregates boys and girls.” We believe the idea that boys are “given favourable treatment and more opportunities than girls” is just not accurate, as all the previous Ofsted reports have noted that provision for boys and girls has been equal and fair — and nothing contrary to that has ever been highlighted previously.

We work very diligently to offer the best to both boys and girls at our school — and both are given equal opportunities to be successful in whatever they choose. I think it is hard for Ofsted inspectors to truly appreciate the efforts private faith schools in inner-cities expend in educating young people on a very limited budget and resources. It is also inaccurate to state we have been “unsuccessful” in our application to register a Girls’ School since we have not received any communication to that effect from the DfE. However, if it turns out that our application for a separate Girls’ School is formally refused, then we have absolutely no intention to “defy the law” in any way.

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